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VBHCD model
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Values-Based Holistic Community Development (VBHCD) model

Concept of VBHCD

  • Heifer's development philosophy: Development is not just about distributing livestock, seed, etc. It is about transforming people and producing deeper impacts.
  • Guiding principles for just and sustainable development: Share the 12 Cornerstones and basic descriptions.
  • Definition of VBHCD: State that Heife ris only the initial provider of resources and aims to help communities identify their values and develop thier visions, empower them to achieve these visions, and to pass these skills and resources on to other communities.

1. Self-Help Group formation

  • Definition of SHG: SHG is the foundation for VBHCD. Community members organize themselves into SHGs with one representative from each family.
  • Concept and goal of SHG: SHGs offer project participants a way to participate fully in project activities (savings activities, leadership, ect.) with the support of group members. SHGs increase the cohesion and initiative in communities.
  • Characteristics of SHG: is inclusive of neighbors, practices savings and credit activities, encourages participants' commitment to help themselves and has 20-25 members.

2. Enlightenment: Reinforcing the Cornerstones

Use the Cornerstones to focus the group on the shared values of the self and community. Compare these shared values, and see how participants have internalized the Cornerstones. Use the shared values for group visioning and planning. What is the group's vision?

Motivate the group to plan for three types of activities:

- Activities done by SHG members (without assistance)

- Activities done with Heifer support (e.g., Heifer project activities)

- Activities done with outside support (e.g., local government organization giving an SHG funds to build a road)

3. Physical inputs

Physical inputs and technical trainings are given after the SHG has identified its needs and planned for project activities.

4. Empowerment

The SHG has the resources and training to accomplish its activities. Expand the group's vision beyond livestock development to holistic development. Motivate the group to plan for more activities, tap local resources and address larger needs of the community. Participants realize they can become donors and help others in need. Families begin to prepare for POG.

5. Holistic Development

The SHG provides tangible benefits for the mmebes themselves, the SHG and the community. Nutrition and income, physical-social environment and gender justice are all improved. SHG members become donors themselves through POG.

Click here to download the updated version of VBHCD training guidebook (English) 

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