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12 Cornerstones
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Examples of Types of Indicators for Heifer's Cornerstones
Passing On the Gift
  • Number of animals passed-on (to another family)
  • Quality of Pass-ons
  • Number and type of recipients
  • Percent of POG obligations still pending
  • Attitudes towards POG
  • Spread effects (replication of this practice by others)
  • Use of record-keeping (farmer and group level)
  • Adequacy of financial management
  • Timeliness of reporting
  • Frequency of replanning and discussing goals
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Appropriateness of goals
  • Openness and transparency in sharing information and discussing ideas
Sharing and Caring
  • Enhanced dignity among participants
  • Mutual assistance among members
  • Assistance extended to people outside the project
  • Changes in group’s cohesiveness
  • Humane treatment of animals
Sustainability and Self-Reliance
  • Adequate financial and other resources to continue operating
  • Reduced need for external assistance
  • Number and/or type of other activities initiated by the group
  • Change in number benefiting from the project
  • Succession (next generation taking-up farming)
Improved Animal Management
  • Reproduction rates and intervals (calving, lambing, etc.)
  • Production per head and per unit (e.g. acre or hectare)
  • Animal health and condition
  • Amount of external inputs used
Nutrition and Income
  • Products consumed and/or sold
  • Employment opportunities in the community
  • Changes in family nutrition
  • Changes in family income
  • Other material benefits to families
  • Cost benefit ratio
  • Infant mortality
Gender and Family Focus
  • Evidence of family unity
  • Changes in well-being of children
  • Youth planning to stay in rural area
  • Youth involvement in training and production activities
  • Changes in women’s income and control of resources
  • Inclusion of women in training and in decision making
Genuine Need and Justice
  • Levels of income and material well-being of participants
  • Group has defined “need” within their own context
  • Criterion for participation includes the socially disadvantaged
Improving the Environment
  • Anticipated and unanticipated impact on factors such as soils, water, forestation, vegetation, wildlife, biodiversity.
  • Action plans developed by the group to improve the environment
  • Changes in attitude toward the environment
  • New farming practices adopted
  • Number of farmers using manure for compost or fertilizer
Full participation
  • Changes in group membership (number and type)
  • Members’ participation in decision-making
  • Number of people attending and participating in meetings
  • Leadership depth and rotation of leadership
  • Working together for the welfare of the whole group
Training, Education and Communication
  • Improved skills
  • Knowledge (understanding) of the development process
  • Use of skills taught
  • Attendance at training sessions
  • Changes in attitude and behavior
  • Increasing sense of peace or well-being despite circumstances
  • Acts of worship and stewardship
  • Willingness to take responsibility
  • Respect for life and living
  • Loss of interest in judging others
12 Cornerstones
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