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Heifer Viet Nam (HVN) is a branch of Heifer International. Starting its small-scale animal projects in some provinces of the Mekong Delta between 1987 and 1992, HVN began developing its coverage across 27 provinces stretching from the North, the Central and the South of Viet Nam from 1992 to 2003. In 2003, HVN was granted an operation permit and established its office in Can Tho city. In 2007, HVN began to incorporate the Values-Based Holistic Community Development model (VBHCD) into the projects and to strengthen the 12 Cornerstones - the key success of every project. Target people of HVN are the needy families, Agent Orange victims, ethnic minorities and marginalized people living in disadvantaged communities.
Heifer Viet Nam is dedicated to building their capacity for long term sustainable livelihoods through animal and agriculture production. Heifer Viet Nam focuses on families and communities achieving sustainable income and food security. In communities where Heifer operates, good environmental practices are recognized and practiced and people are empowered to take action to create a just, economically viable, and self-reliant life.

Heifer’s projects have been developed in compliance with the Vietnamese government’s policies and in cooperation with poverty alleviation programs. So far, its approach has been actively adopted by local partners as the model for livestock extension projects in many parts of the Mekong Delta. Particularly, many project partners of HVN are enthusiastic with matching their local financial sources for more community empowerment projects with Heifer’s. To date, Heifer Viet Nam has aided approximately
10,000 poor households with physical resources and trainings.

The Heifer Viet Nam office has adequate physical and financial resources with a young, enthusiastic team of 20 qualified staff. The office has an efficient communication and networking infrastructure at both the local and international level, and policies and procedures are well-established to ensure effective project management and accountability.
Heifer Viet Nam has strengthened partnerships with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and people’s organizations such as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Farmers’ Union, Women’s Union, Youth Union and others. These groups carry out project activities with a high level of accountability.  Thus, at the end of projects, project management committees are capable of ensuring the occurrence of Passing on the Gift and the overall continuity of the projects.
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